What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Ivy Academy’s instructors are the key to our success; they are carefully and selectively chosen.

All Ivy Academy instructors have received an elite education, often with a minimum of 20 years teaching experience.

Ivy Academy results speak for themselves, as countless students have achieved top SAT* scores and continue their studies at the most prestigious American, Canadian and British universities.

What programs does Ivy Academy offer?

While Ivy Academy offers courses in over 50 subject areas, it specializes in SAT* preparation and the university selection and application process. The University Consulting Program is the only one of its kind in Vancouver.

We successfully prepare students to achieve top scores on all standardized exams, including SAT* I, SAT* II, AP* tests, SSAT, etc.

We also have programs aimed at helping students reach the top of their classes in Middle School and Senior High School programs, such as WriteWay and SSAT preparation.

For more details about the many programs offered, please view the programs page.

What is the typical class size at Ivy Academy?

All classes at Ivy Academy are small, averaging eight students or less.

How will you help my child gain acceptance to an Ivy League school?

After attending Ivy Academy’s highly tailored and expertly taught SAT* classes, many students have achieved perfect 1600 and 800 scores respectively on SAT* I and SAT* II subject tests.

These students have gone on to attend top ranked universities.

Moreover, Ivy Academy’s one-of-a-kind University Consulting Program is central in helping countless students gain early admissions to their top choice universities.

If your child diligently attends SAT* classes, completes the coursework, and enrolls in the University Consulting Program, the possibilities are truly endless.

Are all of Ivy Academy’s programs year-round?

Ivy Academy offers programs year-round, and specialized programs throughout the winter, spring, and summer breaks. Some programs are available only during the school year (September to June). For more details about the many programs offered, please view the programs page.

Does Ivy Academy offer ESL classes?

No, Ivy Academy does not offer any ESL classes. Instead, our focus is on helping students excel in regular and advanced academic studies.