This highly personalized program guides students through each step of the university application process. Through one-on-one sessions, students are shown how to confidently complete everything from complicated university entrance forms to personal statements and essays. This program is the only one of its kind in Vancouver.

What We Can Do For You:

Evaluate Your Strengths (from transcript, GPA, SAT and SAT2)

Help Plan Your Post-Secondary Academic Career
– Find the right university
– Choose your major
– Advice on Visas and Financial Aid
– Develop Early Action / Early Decision Strategies

Assist with Application Completion
– Make sense of the complex Common Application and Coalition Application
– Polish your resume
– Select and obtain Character and Teacher References
– Secure the best Counsellor Report
– Upgrade your Supplementary Materials: Awards, DVDs, extra letters of support,
special talents, internships, projects, publications, etc.

Guide you through the Application Essay Process
– Choose topics
– Edit, revise, and final review
– Short answer consultation

Prepare you for University Interviews

Everything in between!

The program is open to students in Grades 8-12. The Grade 12 year of consulting is focused on the application process. We provide value to younger grades by carefully planning course selections & extracurricular involvement, and by providing guidance to maximize academic achievement, motivation, and confidence.

We are proud of many years of acceptances to every Ivy League school and beyond, and we will be delighted to build upon this record of success with you.

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