Ivy Academy is proud to have highly experienced teachers with a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds.


Paul Nathan
Masters and Bachelors in English from UC Berkeley
20+ years teaching and 12+ years university consulting
12+ years at Ivy

Paul Nathan is a seasoned educator who specializes in college consulting, English literature, and psychology. Those who are lucky enough to be acquainted with Paul know he is always ready to help students with sage wisdom, an astute Hemingway quote, and a wry joke.


Rachel Davidson
Masters in Education from University of Cambridge; Bachelors in English and Japanese from Pomona College
6+ years teaching

Rachel is a Vancouver native who teaches SAT classes, English, individual tutorials, and college consulting at Ivy. Thanks to her upbringing in a half-Chinese and half-Irish family, and experience studying and working in four different countries, she loves to connect with students from multicultural backgrounds. In her spare time, you can find her reading, painting watercolours, and self-publishing photo books.


Magdalen Hoyt
MA in Classics (specializing in Latin Literature) from University of Cambridge; BA in Classics from University of Cambridge
5+ years teaching and 8+ years UK university consulting
3+ years at Ivy

Magdalen is a British/Canadian/American citizen with a passion for both English Literature/Language and the study of Latin and Ancient Civilisations. At Ivy, she teaches SAT classes and University Consulting with a focus on applications to UK Universities. Alongside teaching, she is a writer (working on her second novel), a singer-songwriter, an avid reader and a keen traveller.


Jeff Cunningham
MPhil in Philosophy from KU Leuven (Belgium); MA in Philosophy from KU Leuven; BA in Film Production from UBC
5+ years teaching

Jeff’s academic background is in Ancient Philosophy, especially Aristotle on storytelling and psychology. He is currently teaching SAT Reading and Writing courses and AP Psychology. His interests include film, games, and enjoying nature in BC.


Scott Morgan
MASc in Electrical Engineering (Control Theory) from UBC; BASc in Electrical Engineering and Honours Mathematics from UBC
20+ years teaching

Scott’s background is in electronics, industrial controls and software engineering. He has taught and tutored students ranging from grade 6 to 2nd-year university, in mathematics, robotics, and chess (as a former BC Junior Chess Champion). Scott’s interests include running and ice hockey.


Maria Statz
BA in Linguistics from UBC
30+ years teaching
18+ years at Ivy

Maria is a veteran at Ivy who primarily teaches English and French. Students say Ms. Statz is a wonderful teacher with sharp wit and plentiful wisdom.



Andrew Statz
BA from UBC
30+ years teaching
18+ years at Ivy

Andrew teaches English and History at Ivy. From Rick Riordan novels to the details of 20th Century Russian history, Andrew’s knowledge extends far and wide, and he explains it all to students with patience and kindness.


Steve Dancho
MSc in Theoretical Chemistry from UBC; BSc in Chemistry from University of Winnipeg
27+ years teaching
16+ years at Ivy

As a private tutor, Steve has helped students in quite a variety of subjects, from psychiatric nursing to comparative religion. His specialty is chemistry and making educational apps. He also likes playing guitar and gardening, and for sports, he enjoys hockey in the winter, cycling in the summer, and swimming all year round. 


Grant Jamieson
BEd in Secondary Social Studies/Spanish from UBC; BA in History and Spanish from UBC
10+ years teaching
2+ years at Ivy

Grant grew up in Edmonton and moved to Vancouver, and although he loves living here, his heart actually belongs to Mexico. He teaches Humanities, Social Studies, History, Philosophy, and Spanish in Delta. He loves his work, and outside of teaching he is passionate about his family, football (soccer), all things Mexican (especially the cuisine!), and spending time outdoors.

More teacher profiles to come…