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SAT* Program

This program is divided into SAT* I and SAT* II programs. SAT* I focuses on Critical Reading, the Essay, and…

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Ivy students have attended Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Yale, UPenn, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, and MIT, as well as many renowned liberal arts colleges…

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来一个,来所有常春藤学院的夏季烘焙销售!🍰📚🎉 7月2日至5日,为了开始我们为期一周的夏季强化课程,前台将提供大量烘焙食品和健康小吃。所得款项将捐给当地的慈善机构,帮助青少年,传播我们在常春藤享受的教育价值。 带现金和空腹!    

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